The Great Marsh

So what's going on in my life these days? Well, my life in Cambridge is going pretty well. The flat and I are getting on well, I've started wearing my hair down again, to the shock of everyone at work and I have time to play guitar again.

Ah yes, guitar... My careful plans to obtain new technology have been slaughtered by a sudden reawakening of my lust for guitars. I have a *need* for a Telecaster, a Les Paul, a classical and/or acoustic and the Epiphone ES 175. Hell, that's going to cost a lot. I also need a/some better amp(s)...

I'm on my way into town at the moment to pick up my bike. Not my Brompton, but my other bike. It's at Station Road Cycles having been serviced and kitted out with a basket and panniers. It's going to be my shopping bike :)

Back to guitars for a moment. I wrote what could be a new song last night, but I haven't got a decent way of recording it at the moment. Claire's agreed to let me have the 16-track in Cambridge, but that means going to Lynn to get it... I'll get around to it eventually, I guess.

Right, that's all for now. I have no idea where the bus is any more and I don't want to miss town!

Good afternoon.
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I just finished reading Watchmen. Wow. That really was an awesome read. I started it late last night and couldn't put it down until 3 am. I spent all of this afternoon finishing it. Words fail me.

I guess I should go and see the film, now. I sincerely doubt that it can be as good, though.

In other news, living in my flat is going well and my washing machine works just fine.
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State of play

It occurs to me that the last public update I made here had me going to a job interview in St. Albans.

A lot has happened in the last 7 months. Here are the highlights:

I now have a job as a software developer. I work in Cambridge and am moving there next Saturday, after 7 months as a commuter. I have a Brompton folding bike which I use for getting from Cambridge railway station to where my company is based. My company is rather well-off and I am steadily rising up through the ranks ;)

I'm single at the moment. Spending three to four hours a day traveling hasn't exactly helped to get me out of the situation, but I'll soon have a lot more free time, so... Also, my department at work, Development, has three girls in it. One of them is married with a baby, one is probably single and the other is definitely single. There are also a lot of single men in dev. It doesn't seem to be a particularly good environment for meeting people ;)

I've been on two business trips in the last 7 months, both to my company's office in Southern California. It's very beautiful out there. I'd never flown before, but now I have and I love it.

I'm thinking of taking up archery in the next few months.

My current project at work is making me work a lot of late nights, which is a shame :( It's not that I don't enjoy it on some level, but it makes me get home so late...

I have an Xbox 360 but don't get much time to play on it at the moment.

I have quite a lot of friends at work, which is good.

That's about everything that I can think of right now.
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My headache is getting worse.

I have a telephone interview with a company in St. Albans tomorrow.
I'm going to have a face-to-face interview with a company in Cambridge over the next few days, possibly even tomorrow afternoon.
What the hell.
I really am going to have to write that guide as to how to get a job.
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Exam results - Pass/Fail by course

Well, I passed all of my exams.  I didn't want to check the lists, but in the end I couldn't resist. 

Amusing facts:
-Nobody failed the Fundamentals of Digital Sound and Music course, which was an odd one to say the least.
-Nobody failed the Full Unit Project.  That's quite a relief!

Overall, there were very few fails.  There were a couple of incompletes across the courses, but I think my entire year is going to graduate.  Yay!


In other news, the CSSification of my website continues at a good pace.  The style is beautiful (naturally).  I've also started using some PHP - I didn't want to have to paste the HTML for my sidebar into every page, and the easiest way to dynamically link the page in appears to be with the PHP `include' command.  Useful indeed.  I might also change the site so the page to be displayed is in the URL -, etc.  That might save me some time, and it would also make page creation easier.  Instead of having to write each page from scratch and remember the php includes and stuff, I could just put the main body of the page in a file on it's own.  However, I have no idea how to set the title of the page like this - maybe with some Javascript?
I also need to figure out what I'm doing with the sidebar - should the categories expand to show the subpages?  Is that easy to do?  Once I've done all that (and fixed a couple of CSS issues), the new site will go live.  Maybe then I'll finally link to it ;)
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Adios, LiveJournal! We're going to the surface!

I doubt I'm going to be posting on LiveJournal much from now on. Maybe a few dull posts about buses doing amusing things or stuff going on in my life, but nothing very important.

Why is that? Because I have my own website now, with a self-admin'd blog. With that, I have no need for sites like LJ and Photobucket anymore.

The site is only half-live at the moment - the photo gallery and blog are up and going and the secret forum has reached nearly 500 posts. The 'Code' section only has one game on it so far, but hopefully I'll get some more code up there this morning. I'm also planning to write a 'Guides' section explaining how to do various simple things which people tend not to know - working with Java packages, setting Windows environmental variables, using the Windows command line....maybe write a basic guide to LaTeX. Stuff which might help my friends in the first year.

I hardly have any active contacts on LJ anymore, anyway. The people who want to find me will be able to, those who don't won't bother. It's as simple as that.
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Magical Heart Kokoro-chan

Can you say "Best magical girl show ever?"  No, because it wasn't as good as Nanoha/Nanoha A's.

But otherwise, it was absolutely brilliant.  I've been waiting for this OVA for months, ever since it was announced.  IT DELIVERED!  There was even a "Nice boat" reference at the end! xD

I watched it in raw, so I didn't understand all of it, but it was enough.

Taisuke for once was actually amusing, rather than annoying.  He also spent half of the episode naked, having torn off his clothes while being an ero-zombie.  Yes, there were ero-zombies, and a nice boat.  What more could you really ask from?  Long live the School Days franchise!

Other news:  stuff.  Not important stuff.  We caught a mouse earlier and I let him out on the other side of the road.  He was rather cute.  XNA sucks, and Hooke's Law will never leave my brain.  My room here is a lot tidier now.  Clannad was awesome, Shakugan no Shana Second is still awesome, H2O had a weird, yet happy, ending, true tears is actually very good.  I'm reading a book on Design Patterns.  See?  Nothing of any importance.  I should have been in bed an hour ago.
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Before you stands a free man!

It is over.  7 months, 13000 words and over 7000 line of code.  One celibratory pizza.

This project has seen my learn LaTeX, the YourKit Java Profiler and a heck of a lot about Luby Transform.

Like most of my friends, I have not slept properly for a long time.  I will be going to bed shortly, and I don't plan on waking up until it's time to go to my lectures tomorrow.

Copies of my project will be available on request, but not necessarily just yet.  Feel free to register your interest with a comment.

In other news, drunk Tak is hilarious.  Apparently he lives on a diet of toast and strawberry jam.  He made me promise to record him the next time he phoned me when drunk...

Ichigo jamu!
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Colchester Grandma just phoned.  For the first minute or two of the conversation, until I mentioned that Mum and Dad were in town, she thought I was Mum.  I get this quite a lot from that side of the family, and I don't quite know why...  One day I'm going to have to wrest the Shure microphone back from Claire and record both mine and Mum's voices for comparison...
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