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[LJ2ME]They say she comes on a pale horse, but I th

And so ends my little holiday at home. It was reasonably restful, I guess. Got to play Guild Wars with Claire, which was awesome as always. Spent quite a while last night installing and playing with MySQL, which was fun. I'm setting up an Anime database for my collection :-). Ended up staying up until about 3 last night talking to Ed on Skype as we tried to make MySQL do something that it didn't want to do.
At the moment, I'm just pulling into Ely station. I hope to be home by around 6 with any luck. I'm getting a lift up the hill from my lovely housemate Anna, and then I plan to have a relaxing evening and get to bed early.

Good afternoon.
Tags: anna, databases, ed, guild wars, journey, mobile posting, mysql, relaxing, train
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