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14 March 2007 @ 03:40 am
[LJ2ME]Riding the skree  
Yay! I made it to King's Cross! Now i just have to wait for my train to get a platform number. 20 minutes 'til the train,
And now I'm on the train. The seat next to me is free, and I really hope it remains that way. Uh, typed that too soon. I now have a quite nice looking blonde chick sitting next to me... Oh well, could be worse... I have a book (Mining the Oort, by Frederik Pohl), two bottles of water, a packet of crisps and Tibia ME. Yes, I think that this will be quite a good journey.
Good afternoon.
I'm Feeling: Ok
I've Been Listening To: Just finished listening to The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.