Cosmic Flame (cosmicflame) wrote,
Cosmic Flame

Something solid forming in the air...

So, now I have a chance to write freely, let me update you all on what's going on in my life. Currently, the group project is consuming vast amounts of time and energy. I was out until 1 am last night working, and the damn thing still isn't quite working. I screwed up the threading somewhat, so instead of having the long method calls executing in their seperate threads, they were being called from the main event thread, which was then waiting for the calls to return, which in the case of several infinite loops, was not going to happen. Opps.
Other news. I've got the assessment day for my year out tomorrow! Yes, at 9.30 am I shall be meeting the guys at Jagex... I'm kinda nervous, but to be honest, most of that is to do with getting there at that time in the morning. I have to get up at 5 am, I should think.
That's all for now, 'cos I got a text a few minutes ago and have to quit Opera Mini to be able to read it, lol.

Good afternoon.
Tags: group project, jagex, java, mobile posting, opera mini, threads
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