Cosmic Flame (cosmicflame) wrote,
Cosmic Flame

Now we'll have power

If you can read this, then it means that I can update my lj from my phone..! Long live Opera Mini! I'm currently lying on my bed, a few feet away from my laptop, my typical portal for entering the Internet. This is damn sweet!
In other news, I'm feeling rather hurt by something that Holly's done recently. The idiot, I sometimes wonder if she even thinks before doing there things... Baka Holly.
Some of my parcels have arrived. I've got the guitar stand, the Negima wallscroll and 2nd GIG volume 7. Just waiting for the micro-sd card, the 2 gig flash drive and the big pile of manga. Paid work is nice..!
Good night.
Tags: holly, hurt, manga, mobile posting, money, negima, opera mini, parcels
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