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Love is the meaning of life, life is the meaning of love...

Good morning, gentle reader.

Today I'm gonna do I quick run through the last week or so, then I'm going to go and find breakfast. Important meal, that one.

She's gone!

Claire moved out on Sunday! She's now living in hospital accomodation on the site of the hospital where she works. No Internet access yet, but when she gets it it'll only be dial-up, thanks to NTL.

On Saturday I went down to Cambridge with her bike, and we took it to her flat.
On Sunday, we all went down there with her stuff. She's on the 14th floor, and gets a gorgeous view over the railway and the gentle hills. West facing, so she get's the sunset.
On the drive back home, I listened to Pink Floyd's Echoes and Comfortably Numb (the only songs on my phone) while watching my first ever Harvest (Red) Moon.

Gonna miss her...

Aunty Sharon died sometime last week. The funeral's next Wednesday, but I won't be going, as I'll be back in Egham.
I feel sorry for the cousins, but even then, I don't really know them...

They suck. That's all I have to say. They really suck.

Seemingly, you can only get the best speeds by using their own "Hub" instead of your own equipment. The Hub sucks. Not even sure if it supports switches, which is just plain dumb! I hate it already. Why do they have to make things so difficult?

Oh, and I hate wireless even more.

On Tuesday, me and Dad went on a day-trip to Imperial War Museum Duxford. I finally got to see my favorite 'plane, the BAC TSR.2! It was Stratos 4 that turned me on to this gorgeous machine ^_^.

I got photos:
They're all on Facebook, so you might be better off just looking through my album if you're on there...

A Lightning, with a Jaguar and Harrier hanging from the ceiling.
A Vulcan. That's Dad standing there, giving it a sense of scale.
The TSR.2 showing it's unique and gorgeous profile!

Much detail on the TSR.2:

Concord from below
Little yellow plane...what were you?
Along Concord's wing
Same again
Concord's cockpit
The TSR.2 and Vulcan, as seen from Concord

Views of Concord:

A Lancaster bomber
Same Lancaster, but showing it's bomb-bay. Big, eh?
A Swordfish. Biplane and, if I recall correctly, a torpedo bomber
All I can remember is that it's from Canada...
A Jaguar. From below.

Views over the Airspace exhibition hall:

Next, we went to the American hanger:

A view into a B-52. The chairs said "Pilot" and "Copilot" on them, and I'm not even kidding!
A U2 makes a break for freedom
Same as above, but showing more of the B-52
My finger ruining a nice photo

And can I leave you with my favorite?

The TSR.2 from above. Lovely, isn't it?

And that's it.

Good afternoon.
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