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I am a sunflower, you are the sun~

Today was one of those days when things all just fall into place.

I'm talkin' torrents, people.

After spending a couple of hours wistfully browsing Stratos 4 merchandise (Oh, I could afford that! But I can't read Japanese....), I got a surprise from my RSS ticker. Eclipse fansubs have started subbing Stratos 4 Advance, which Static Subs gave up on after only 2 episodes. I can't wait to finally watch the last 6 eps of my favorite series ^_^.

And then, just to cap it off, I discovered a preview of the new Negima OVA had been released! It's on YouTube already, and there are a load of screenshots here, which are worth checking out if you're a fan. The preview also comes with an optional commentary, but it doesn't seem to have been translated and subbed yet, so it made little sense :(

I also found a torrent of the Stratos 4 OSTs, but not enough people are seeding them. I hope to get beyond 9% some time this year...

Aaand that's about it.
Time for some Stratos 4 Advance, I think ^_^.

Good evening.
Tags: fansubs, japanese, music, negima, ost, ova, stratos 4, torrents
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