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Like a frozen pantomime...

So, here I am again...late to bed!

This evening, me & Claire watched "Yes family trees", which is actually two programs that we taped ages ago about prog. One is about prog in general, and the other claims to be about prog family trees, and mainly talks about Yes and ELP, with a little about The Nice. So, on rewatching these programs, all of a sudden we recognised a lot more of the names and songs... ELP playing Hoedown, Peter Gabriel dressed as a flower, and pretending to drive a lawnmower...... excellent stuff :) And lots of Yes :)

Bedtime for me, I think. And maybe an early night tomorrow, if nobody nags me about it or even talks about it. Not that that is the cause of my late nights, but even so. It irritates me. And it doesn't work.

Tags: elp, flower, hoedown, late nights, lawnmower, nagging, peter gabriel, prog, the nice, yes, yes family trees
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