October 14th, 2009


Another teatime, another day older

Well, I'm now 23.

I've had an awesome birthday. More of a birthweek, really. My beloved couldn't be with me today, so we had an extended weekend during which I received a present every day :) She also made me a cake!

I then spent yesterday and today at home with my family. Another cake!

I have received some lovely presents, too. Holly and my parents bought me some Star Wars Lego - Echo Base from Holly and the Midi-size Millennium Falcon and a pack of Assassin Droids from my parents. I also received games (Beautiful Katamari and Blue Dragon from Holly) and a DVD (Disney's Robin Hood from my parents). The other thing that particularly springs to mind was a copy of The Snow Goose from my parents :)

Finally, Claire bought me a set of metal (possible not metal?) shelves for my flat. Storage space! I will soon have more of it!

All in all a very good day. Shame my flat is so damn cold now :S
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