April 25th, 2009


The Great Marsh

So what's going on in my life these days? Well, my life in Cambridge is going pretty well. The flat and I are getting on well, I've started wearing my hair down again, to the shock of everyone at work and I have time to play guitar again.

Ah yes, guitar... My careful plans to obtain new technology have been slaughtered by a sudden reawakening of my lust for guitars. I have a *need* for a Telecaster, a Les Paul, a classical and/or acoustic and the Epiphone ES 175. Hell, that's going to cost a lot. I also need a/some better amp(s)...

I'm on my way into town at the moment to pick up my bike. Not my Brompton, but my other bike. It's at Station Road Cycles having been serviced and kitted out with a basket and panniers. It's going to be my shopping bike :)

Back to guitars for a moment. I wrote what could be a new song last night, but I haven't got a decent way of recording it at the moment. Claire's agreed to let me have the 16-track in Cambridge, but that means going to Lynn to get it... I'll get around to it eventually, I guess.

Right, that's all for now. I have no idea where the bus is any more and I don't want to miss town!

Good afternoon.
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