March 29th, 2009


State of play

It occurs to me that the last public update I made here had me going to a job interview in St. Albans.

A lot has happened in the last 7 months. Here are the highlights:

I now have a job as a software developer. I work in Cambridge and am moving there next Saturday, after 7 months as a commuter. I have a Brompton folding bike which I use for getting from Cambridge railway station to where my company is based. My company is rather well-off and I am steadily rising up through the ranks ;)

I'm single at the moment. Spending three to four hours a day traveling hasn't exactly helped to get me out of the situation, but I'll soon have a lot more free time, so... Also, my department at work, Development, has three girls in it. One of them is married with a baby, one is probably single and the other is definitely single. There are also a lot of single men in dev. It doesn't seem to be a particularly good environment for meeting people ;)

I've been on two business trips in the last 7 months, both to my company's office in Southern California. It's very beautiful out there. I'd never flown before, but now I have and I love it.

I'm thinking of taking up archery in the next few months.

My current project at work is making me work a lot of late nights, which is a shame :( It's not that I don't enjoy it on some level, but it makes me get home so late...

I have an Xbox 360 but don't get much time to play on it at the moment.

I have quite a lot of friends at work, which is good.

That's about everything that I can think of right now.
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