April 14th, 2008


Adios, LiveJournal! We're going to the surface!

I doubt I'm going to be posting on LiveJournal much from now on. Maybe a few dull posts about buses doing amusing things or stuff going on in my life, but nothing very important.

Why is that? Because I have my own website now, with a self-admin'd blog. With that, I have no need for sites like LJ and Photobucket anymore.

The site is only half-live at the moment - the photo gallery and blog are up and going and the secret forum has reached nearly 500 posts. The 'Code' section only has one game on it so far, but hopefully I'll get some more code up there this morning. I'm also planning to write a 'Guides' section explaining how to do various simple things which people tend not to know - working with Java packages, setting Windows environmental variables, using the Windows command line....maybe write a basic guide to LaTeX. Stuff which might help my friends in the first year.

I hardly have any active contacts on LJ anymore, anyway. The people who want to find me will be able to, those who don't won't bother. It's as simple as that.
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