March 19th, 2008


Before you stands a free man!

It is over.  7 months, 13000 words and over 7000 line of code.  One celibratory pizza.

This project has seen my learn LaTeX, the YourKit Java Profiler and a heck of a lot about Luby Transform.

Like most of my friends, I have not slept properly for a long time.  I will be going to bed shortly, and I don't plan on waking up until it's time to go to my lectures tomorrow.

Copies of my project will be available on request, but not necessarily just yet.  Feel free to register your interest with a comment.

In other news, drunk Tak is hilarious.  Apparently he lives on a diet of toast and strawberry jam.  He made me promise to record him the next time he phoned me when drunk...

Ichigo jamu!
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