January 21st, 2008


Five Years of Blogging!

I feel very silly for not having written an update on Saturday.

Most of you haven't known me long enough to remember it, but the 19th of January 2008 was the fifth birthday of something very important to me - My Diary. This website helped me make the transition from unknown and quiet to famous and popular. Well, I'm not sure about popular, but I was certainly famous. When you walk along a corridor and overhear people saying that their class had spent all of registration talking about your diary, you know you've made it. I ended up winning a 'Living Legend' award from comedy duo Chaz and Dave. Great days, indeed. The long term effect of my diary was simple - it helped me overcome my shyness. Growing my hair long, listening to prog, keeping an online diary and getting into anime - those were the four major steps that seperate 15 year old Brian and 21 year old Brian. The 16 year old Brian of my-diary.org had started on the path, but even 5 years down the line he hasn't reached the end.

To summarise the key points in my diary in the 10 minutes before I have to leave to be at my lecture on time (as if!), it was basically about my creepy, stalker-like obsession with Kirstie Smith. Yes, I fancied her, but no, it would never had worked. I hardly even knew her all that well, anyway. Just like my disasterous attempt to ask out Katy Steer a couple of years earlier (yes, I fancied her, yes, it was me who sent her that card, and yes, you all embarassed me beyond my limits. And yes, Rajan, that last point means you too.), my' romancing' of Kirstie was doomed to utter failure. So I made a mockery of it online.

Great idea, no?

The problem was, how was I to get people to read my diary without seeming too vain? ("Hey everyone, read my diary!!"?) Well, I tried telling Rajan. Hmm, what a mistake. Rajan didn't even look at it until a good week or two after it had become popular. A couple of days after I'd started writing, I gave the address to Katy. She gave it to Nic Biggs, and the next thing I knew everyone was reading it. Magic.

Five years ago I didn't write an update because I was ill and in bed, seemingly. Huh, looks like I picked the right day to write my flashback review.

I've got to get brush my hair, get dressed and go to my lecture now, really. This means that my grand plan of writing a retrospective look at my diary for its fifth anniversary has failed utterly, as I have to stop now. The point is that my diary was a lot of fun for everyone, really. Here's to five more years of blogging!
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