January 19th, 2008

Icy Background

This is...

So there I was, getting ready to order the School Rumble volume 1 box. But what did I discover? The American version comes with magnets and an 8 page booklet. Furthermore, the rest of the dvds in the series come with magnets as well. Why should I buy the UK release, then? And since I can't play region 1 dvds on my laptop, and I don't have a dvd player or tv (yet), why should I buy it right now at all? The answer is simple: I'm not going to bother. Sure, it's nice that they went to the trouble of including a nice tin, but I think I'll wait, thanks. By the time the thinpack of the complete series comes out I should be living somewhere else. Assuming that I have a job, buying a tv and a multi-region dvd player won't be too much trouble. Then I can just import the American releases. Or, alternatively, I can just buy the thinpack. I mean, if they're going to cut out most of the extras, then why should I buy the individual releases? *Just* for the tin? I don't think so!
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