December 6th, 2007


Counting errors!

Test driven development is all very well, but having to find bugs in your code just isn't fun, y'know? I've been working on this class since about 2.30am, and I know it's close, but I just need to work out the correct behaviour for this algorithm.
Don't worry, I have slept. I slept from about 8.30pm until 2.00am, so I'm good for a few more hours. I do my best work at night, so this is probably the best way to do it.

The world is slowly getting lighter. I can see a crow (Sora?) and a few minutes ago I saw a seagull.

Right. I'm going to get test2() working, then it's time for breakfast!

Good morning.
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Myself ; Yourself - Episode 10

That Kyoto-axe-murder girl has a LOT to answer for. Blood in anime should be red, not black! As if it wasn't bad enough having the black-blood ending of School Days, now Myself ; Yourself has used black blood.
The angst in this episode was most delicious, though. I kinda want a happy ending for the cast, even though the School Days side of me wants it to end it mass murder :) Well, in a few weeks we'll get to see which side of me will be satisfied!

In other news, I forgot that I had an IT tutoring session at 11.30am. So. I guess I'm not going to be sleeping until 1.00pm and then hurrying to my lecture after all :/ There won't be time to sleep after the lecture, so by the time I get home from anime I will have been awake for 21 hours. Ugh.

Also, it's raining. I hope I don't miss any buses today!
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