November 25th, 2007


[LJ2ME (]I see you crying

Those of you who are Livejournal friends with me might have noticed that my posts are tending to be friends-only a lot these days. Those of you who aren't (like Matthew) won't have noticed a thing.
My reasoning for locking my posts is simple - in a few short months I'll be moving into professional life. In a few short weeks I'll be applying for jobs. A lot of employers like to search for candidates' names on the Web to see what they can find. I don't particularly want my childish rantings and sordid tales to be found too easily, so I'm going to make my entire journal friends only before I start applying for jobs. It makes sense to manage what information about myself is available, don't you think? Likewise, my computer science web page needs some drastic work, considering that it's about the third or fourth hit when you run a Google search for my name!
So, point is that you should add me to your LJ friends now if you haven't already. Matthew, this means you. Getting an account isn't that much trouble, is it? :-P