October 15th, 2007


And colour this sky red...

So. I guess I'm 21 now. Fancy that. It still hasn't really sunk it at all.

On Saturday I met up with Claire and the parents in London. Me and Claire went to TokyoToys in the morning, where Claire bought me a large figure of Mikuru (from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) dressed as a nurse. She's very cute! Deciding that I wanted to treat myself, I purchased three other figures - Shana (from Shakugan no Shana), Rin (from Fate/Stay night) and Fate (from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha). I've had to reorganise one of my shelves here, replacing cups with figures ^^.

After TokyoToys, we met up with the parents. They gave me my presents, instructing me that I had to open two of them straight away. The two that I had to open were an English-Japanese dictionary and a National Geographic guide to Japan. I guess they were worried that I might buy another copy before the day was out!
After having a drink and a rest for a while, we headed to Orbital Manga (nothing that I wanted to buy on the spot, but another day I'll go back) and the Japan Centre, where I bought book two of To-LOVE-る. I would have bought more, but they didn't have book three, and I didn't particularly want a gap in my collection. Also, it was a little awkward with Dad watching me buy Japanese-language manga. No, I can't read all that much of them, but I have the scanlated versions, so it's not that hard. Plus, this way I can legitimately support the author! Speaking of To-LOVE-る, it would seem that the coming months will be bringing us a figure of Lala. I am SO buying her, if I can persuade Tak to help me order ;) Failing that, I'll just have to import her via an American online store (eww). I'd much rather get her straight from Japan, though.

Anyway, after the Japan Centre it was getting a bit late, so we went our seperate ways. I was back in my room by the time the others had reached Royston, which amused me somewhat, as they still had quite a way to go.
Later that evening, Philippa and her friend Yasmin came around to bring me my birthday card. I'd never met Yasmin before, but we got on rather well, I think. They left around midnight, and I ordered Domino's as a little treat for myself.

Sunday arrived, and brought my actual birthday with it. I opened my presents, and found some rather useful things - a cute little microwavable saucepan and a microwavable omlette-maker to name but two. Oh, and a birthday cake! Shop-bought, admittedly, but delicious. One of my favourite kinds of cake, no less :D
It might have been my birthday, but that didn't mean that I could rest. I had to go into town to do my food shopping first of all. Iceland had French Fancies for a pound, though! French Fancies!! It'd been years since I'd had them, so I bought two boxes. Slightly shamefully, I now only have one box left, eheh. I think I'm going to have to make another trip to Iceland this week, maybe after my lecture tomorrow. Next time I have visiters (that'll be Philippa on Wednesday to watch Kanon) I'll serve French Fancies along with my Green & Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate. I'll need to get more of both of them, but perhaps this might get me a few more visitors? So far only five people have visited me in my room - Chris, who I live with, Keir, who helped me move in, Philippa, who comes over about once a week to hang out and watch anime, my angry flatmate, who wanted to shout at me, and Yasmin, who came over with Philippa.

But I digress. After doing my food shopping, I did my Concurrent & Parallel Programming coursework, which was very easy. Then, instead of working on my final year project, I, uh, did something else? I forget!

But yeah, that was my birthday weekend. In addition to all that, my parents brought my post with them - Megami issue 90 and Negima! volume 15. Megami has some very nice posters in it, as always, including two lovely Lucky Star ones and a single Clannad one. Oh, and they committed a mortal sin and printed a poster of Vita back to back with Rein! (Both from StrikerS) How can I choose?? All the others are perfectly done, with no clashes between what's on the front and back, so if I were to buy another copy it would just be for this one poster, which feels a little silly...

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. I really must try to get to bed early tonight, so I can try to normalise my sleeping patterns and get more work done. There's no time to just play around anymore. Next year I'll be able to watch as much anime as I want, make Airfix kits without having to worry about taking the finished models on the train and buy figures and manga each month with money that I've earned, but for now I have to remember that I'm here to work.