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Cosmic Flame
21 September 2007 @ 02:30 am
PROTIP: Never try to marathon an anime that, you know, is still airing. It only leads to cliffhangers.
That said, it was well worth it, with quite a high number of surprising kisses:

-Louise and Siesta made out in Saito's bed. Then they realised that neither of them was Saito ¬_¬
-Louise and Saito made out in a boat. Booooo! Just because they're the canon pairing doesn't mean that they should be together!
-Queen Henrietta kissed Saito so that they didn't look suspicious. (If a boy and a girl go on a secret mission together, there will be kissing.)
-Agnes kissed Louise so that they didn't look suspicious. (If two girls on a secret mission together, kissing is fair game...)
-Siesta kissed Saito. At last!

I'm not going to bother talking about the rest of the anime. Ok, briefly, there's a war, perfect background music, magic, dragons, a Japanese WWII Zero fighter, a setting of an alternative Europe, politics, Rie Kugimiya..... the list goes on. It's a very, very good anime. I just happen to want to talk about the kissing, that's all :)

Ewww..... I just discovered that Rie Kugimiya also played Al Elric in Full Metal Alchemist... I assure you, the only reason she made my little list there was because of her stellar performance as Nagi Sanzenin in Hayate no Gotoku.

Anyway, as I was about to say, I'm going back to Uni this weekend. I'm heading out on Saturday and crashing at Keir and Alex's for the night. Sunday morning I'll head to Kingswood Campus to collect my keys and move in. I also need to drop into the accomodation office on the main campus to fill in a form to advertise my room for a room swap. They reckon that they won't be able to process the swap for a couple of weeks even if I find a swap-partner quickly, so I'm just going to have to cope with Kingswood for a bit. It'll be ok. I've got 6 months worth of posters from Megami Magazine to brighten up my walls with, even if it is only temporary. Besides, living on mostly toast for a bit should be quite good for me ;) As soon as I get onto the main campus I can join the gym, but I don't think that I could motivate myself to go from Kingswood to the gym at all, let alone regularly! I really must work hard this year, though, I really must. And not just on watching anime!

No funny sound effect or phrase to close my entry tonight. Goodnight-da pyon!
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