September 18th, 2007


[LJ2ME (]Little spirits will guide us home

I love travelling home late at night. Train rides in the dark are truely beautiful... Driving at night is lovely too, but I hardly ever get to do that, so I have less love of it, I guess...
Me and Claire watched the second episode of Giant Robo today - ah, beautiful night! It answered no questions but raised many. And I can't watch the next episode until I next see Claire, either... >_<
Beautiful night!

My Darling, Darling Please!

The last episode of Lucky Star wins in so many ways! I don't particularly want to spoil it for anyone, but I'll say these two things:
-The full version of the Motteke! Sailor Fuku dance was perfect and amazing! (And coming soon to a con or expo near you?)
-More Konata x Kagami tension. Why aren't they a couple yet, for crying out loud?! Quite amuzingly, the October issue of Megami Magazine (which arrived yesterday) had a 'Friend or Lover?' section for Lucky Star. The scores (friend:lover) were as follows:

Konata & Kagami20%80%
Konata & Patty90%10%
Misao & Ayanoi50%50%
Yutaka & Minami2%98%


Hayate no Gotoku finishes this week. Nanoha StrikerS also. Nagasarete Airantou finishes the week after next. Strange to think that these shows that have been with me for about half a year are wrapping up :( Oh well, there'll be more good stuff coming soon, right?


My Blue Angel

School Days really is rather heart wrenching in places! It's no wonder that the Visual Novel it's based on has a whole load of suicide-based 'BAD END's..!
That said, it's a really great anime! It could use with a bit more background music in places, but otherwise it's a great portrayal of that awkwardness you get in relationships.
And now, the next episode!