September 10th, 2007


All those clothes!

So I got back from Paris to discover that two copies of Megami Magazine had arrived for me - issue 85, a backissue that I wanted, and this months new issue. I now have even more nice posters! Not that I have the wall space to put them up, but when I'm back at Uni my room will easily be the coolest (for otakus) room on campus :D I already have my first Clannad poster, and the series hasn't even started airing yet! (And there isn't a translation of the visual novel, either, so I know nothing about it really. I'm still excited by the thought of another of Key's visual novels being made into an anime by Kyoto Animation, though!)

And Saturday morning? My Elfen Lied box set showed up. Saturday afternoon? I went into town and swapped my broken copy of Solid State Society for a new one.

Yup, I'm doing well. I just need to wait until the 25th of September before I get my next lump of pay from the NHS, and then we'll see what takes my fancy. Will it be a few box sets, some manga, some much wanted figures and some other random stuff? Will I find the extra money needed to get myself a decent laptop that can play h264 videos and handle Media Player Classic without skipping? Will I finally get a pair of hair straighteners? Who knows!

Piko piko!