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Cosmic Flame
This is quite scary, really... My pile of new manga is now level with the top of the box of tissues on my bedside table... And two books still haven't made it into the pile! Those books would be AI Love You 2 and Negima 14, both of which I haven't got around to reading in their bound forms yet. Well, actually I have read AI Love You 2 before as a book, but I've only read Negima 14 as scans. When I add them to the pile it will start to get a little dangerous, I think... Even more so when Negima 15 arrives in a few days! Along with that I also ordered the box set of Elfen Lied. Well, actually Negima was the last minute addition, not the other way around! It's funny just how many box sets we've been getting recently... They used to be really rare, but all of a sudden art boxes and box sets are available for so many popular series! Just thinking about my collection, I've got 1st and 2nd gig, the Eva platinum collection, Saikano, Tsukihime (I still need to get the 3rd dvd...), Mai-Otome (region 1 volume 1 only, but a lovely art box) and now Elfen Lied! And there are so many more that I want to buy :-)
Funny really. I've been into anime for just over two years now. I don't think I've done that badly at all, really. I've amassed a vast collection of downloaded anime, a huge collection of manga and a slowly growing collection of bought dvds. Yup, I'm doing well.
Speaking of doing well, it looks like I'm going to be able to do the 3rd year project I want to do next year. More on this when I'm more awake, have more to tell and am at a full-sized qwerty keyboard!

I'm Feeling: Nemu-nemu