August 24th, 2007


I swayed like a corbra...

Must. Resist. Escaping. Apostropies. !

I got book 5 of Lament of the Lamb this morning, enabling me to finish the series at last. It had a happy ending! I\'m so glad :)

Tomorrow had darn well better bring me the last books of AI Love You and the middle ones of Angelic Days! I got Angelic Days vol. 6 today, but not 4 or 5 :(

It is far too late and I should be asleep. I wasn't even watching anime! Just finishing Lament of the Lamb, then e-mailing Julian (my boss at TS) about work and then e-mailing Dave (my personal tutor) about my final year project. I'm hoping to be allowed to create my own project...I just need to wait for Dave to reply now!