August 22nd, 2007


[LJ2ME (]Why don't you take...

Well that was what you could only really call an interesting day. I received 6 mini-parcels (next 3 books of Yu-Gi-Oh for Claire, next AI Love You and last 2 Lament of the Lamb for me), got a lift to work because it was raining, took out my anger and frustration on about 50 out of date iv bags, got the bus home with a drunk guy who gave me a mini trivia quiz, tried Mum's new omlette recipe (prefer it with q chicken rather than v bacon overall, but was still nice), chilled and read AI Love You, walked to Tescos in the dark (almost like winter! Whee!) and finally set up Dad's new printer-scanner-photocopier. That was a few minutes ago. Now I'm going to get some hot chocolate and play some Fate/stay night before bed.
Mau mau!