August 14th, 2007


Wa wa wa wa wa....

So - what have I been up to recently?

Firstly, I managed to get ill for the first time in about 5 years, not counting fresher's flu. I've now had this bedarned cold for a week, and I'm still not fully recovered. Oh well, hopefully this will mean I'll get another few years of perfect health in return. Oh the really minus side, I managed to infect Lorna at work ¬_¬

Two weeks ago I started playing Fate/stay night. I then started watching Karin and Kanon at the same time. I found Karin to be utterly brilliant and dropped Kanon for the time being. Finishing Karin, I discovered that Kanon is the most beautiful anime in existence. I wish that my enemies never get to see it - "Why don't you go ahead and die"/"You can just go straight to hell"/"I hope you die in a fire" Vs "I hope that you never get to watch Kanon". The latter wins.
I then got addicted to Fate/stay night. The translation for the 'Unlimited Blade Works' (aka Rin) route of the game is now at 95% - I can't wait! I don't want Saber, I want Rin! <3 I hope that Mirror Moon release the UBW patch before I reach untranslated text, as there's no way that I'll end up on the Fate route with the way that I'm going ;)

I've nearly finished my big pile of manga I bought the other week. I really need to get hold of the last three books of Lament of the Lamb and AI Love You... Lament is the more important one, I think - horror/drama vs ecchi/comedy yields a surprising no-contest result.

Speaking of ecchi things, I found some To-LOVE-る doujinshi the other night! Ultimate win indeed :D The best one involved Yuuki, Lala and Haruna getting together into a triple (like a couple but more) and having threesomes. Surely that would be the only satisfactory end to the manga?

I've also found myself watching random episodes of Elfen Lied recently. It surprises me how unshocking the gore in that (beautiful) series is. It just fits. Sakura petals and dismembered girls (sorry Katy) - nothing is out of place. Contrast this to the rather nasty end of Death Note - bleah, even I thought that was a bit much and a bit too unnecessary. After watching the final episode I ended up moaning to Tak about it on Facebook because it was so wrong. It shouldn't have ended like that at all. Bleak, unhappy endings are one thing, but when you add pointless gore into them then you just spoil it for everyone. Ran t over.

It looks like Isumi from Hayate no Gotoku might finally get her own character album. And about time too! I love the sheer amount of pushing they do for their music releases, seriously - this weeks episode involved the main characters singing their own songs at a Karaoke place and the summer episode from a couple of weeks ago involved everyone dancing to Hina-chan's Power of Flower (which is now my alarm tone on my phone (Mmmm, Hina-chan...))

Hmm. I think that's about it for now. The only thing of minor interest is that I got a text from Rachel in France today saying that she'd finally finished Chobits after about 10 months. Crikey, but that was slow. I'm going to kidnap her when Uni starts up again and force her to watch some decent anime - she doesn't go home until she's got through Kanon, Eva, Hayate, Nanoha, Lovely Complex, Negima!?, Haruhi (if she hasn't seen all of it), and possibly Welcome to the N.H.K! and Elfen Lied, depending on how she feels about psychological-screwiness and gore... She's doesn't know what's in store for her yet, so I think she'll be getting a bit of a surprise in a month or two :)

I need some more LJ icon space.

Kon Kon!