August 8th, 2007


Like children waiting for the snow to thaw...

I finished Kanon.

No anime before has ever made me tear up quite so much. Kanon is truly unique. No words can really describe how beautiful it is. And that ending! Wow, I didn't see that coming at all! I'm not going to say anything more, as I really want Alex to show Kanon at the society this year and I don't want to spoiler it for anyone who a) reads my LiveJournal, and b) is an Anime member. Spoilers are bad, generally. I managed to read a minorish spoiler for Kanon ages ago about a certain character on a blog I read. When I watched the series I could remember what was going to happen, just not which character it was going to happen to.... That was difficult, but I was mentally prepared for what was coming, at least.

Anyway, enough about Kanon.

The new episode of Hayate no Gotoku is out at last, and, perhaps better still, the 2nd ED single 'Get My Way' is out too! I had a little joyful moment when I realised that it was the 8th at last and that my waiting was finally over! Then I discovered that it'd been released by Nipponsei quite a few hours ago.... Hmm... ¬_¬ Oh well, it's at 50% now and I'll have it in a few minutes. Yay! :)

Goodnight everyone, and sorry for rambling about stuff most of you don't really care about. Looks like this is slowly turning into an anime blog rather that a personal journal ^_^