August 6th, 2007


If you do the cooking by the book then we'll have a cake!

I am a very sick man, it would seem, judging on how much this amuses me:
Ha! Anime
(Warning: Addictive, bubbly pop song + Elfen Lied. Do not watch this if you are Katy)

Karin had a brilliant ending. Totally edge of the seat for most of it, then a nice conclusion to wrap things up :) I must find the manga, now!
Having finished Karin, I'll be going back to watching Kanon. Funny really, considering to begin with I thought that Kanon was way better than Karin - look how it turned out in the end!

I caught up with Nagasarete Airantou as well. I think the writing staff/manga-ka are/is on crack. That episode was brilliant in so many ways, yet so utterly bizzare and out there! I love it :)

You gotta do the cooking by the book!

Good morning.
Icy Background

Farewell to a foxcub

Kanon episode 10 is sad. That would make this the first time that I've cried to an anime the first time round. The end of Cowboy Beebop and the fate of the Tachikomas in 2nd GIG only made me cry on rewatching. This anime is good beyond belief - as expected from KyoAni, I guess. Maybe I should watch Air TV next?