August 5th, 2007


Oh yeah, because there is you!

Yesterday was awesome! We didn't get to see Transformers in the end, but we should get a chance next weekend so it's not a problem.

Instead we bought manga.

LOTS of manga.

Claire went home with the next two books of Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelist, and I went home with 20 assorted books.
Yes, 20 books. Cambridge has some lovely bookshops with even nicer offers on manga. When I see something like "Buy two get one free" you just know that I'm going to buy 9 ^_^

So, here's what I got:
Negima 14 - the latest book of Negima released. 15 is released in a couple of weeks, though...
Kashimashi 1 - This appears to have been imported from America, since the RRP is in dollars... Hmmm, then what was it doing in Borders?
School Rumble 1 & 2 - Not as funny as the anime, judging from the first few chapters, but if I ever want new School Rumble then I'm going to have to read the manga, judging from the lack of news about the Third Term series... It'll pick up, I'm sure.
AI Love You 1,2,4,5 - I already owned book 3. Ken Akamatsu's first series, and a very good read, not that I've read past book 3 yet ^^.
Ai Yori Aoshi 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - I figured that it was time to read a bit more of this old favourite :)
Lament of the Lamb 1,2,3,4 - I'd never tried this manga before, but the first chapter and a half were enough to convince me to buy over half the series ^^. If I'd known that there were only seven books in total then I would have been sorely tempted to buy them all :) As it was, I was on book 3 by the time I got home to King's Lynn... I think I might have to go into town on Monday to look for more *is addicted*

When you compare what I bought to my shopping list of yesterday, you will notice that I didn't have much luck *laughs*. Well, I suppose you could say that... Well, I'm happy with how it turned out, really :)

Back to understanding how to use ResultSet, I think....

Good afternoon
Icy Background


What a waste!

I decided to spent the afternoon writing myself a little Java webserver to allow me to query my anime database from my mobile phone's web browser while I'm out and about. My previous lack of such an ability caused me to buy AI Love You book 3 yesterday and then take it back after about 10 minutes having realised that I already owned it... To be able to check up on my ever-growing collection from wherever I was would be awesome, I though.

Well, it worked, and I now have a nice webserver and have learnt about database access using Java.

The only problem is that my router refuses to forward incoming traffic on port 80 to my laptop - in effect, I can't run a server. This sucks! I was sure that I'd managed to do it before, so I can't figure out what's going wrong this time... Possibly the only time that I'd managed to do it before was in the house I lived in for my second year, where we had a much more modern router than the ancient thing we use here...... *sighs*

Oh well, as I said, I learnt some useful things at the very least. And when I finally have a place of my own with my own Internet connection I'll be free to run whatever services I want :)

Good evening.