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Cosmic Flame
26 July 2007 @ 12:26 pm
Gosh, but F-O scanlations are the best! Their quality might not be perfect, but I'd rather have new chapters of Negima a few hours after the raw comes out then not at all...

This chapter involves Negi and Kotorou remembering how they spent the first half of their summer holiday. I though that they were training pretty much non-stop, but it would seem that they had plenty of time to go out and have fun....

The first mini-story is about the gang going to Comiket* with Haruna. Of course, they bumped into Chisame there, who took it upon herself to defend Negi's innocence from the evils of doujinshi...
ComiketCollapse )

After a one page story about Sayo-chan's new doll form (it's adorable!), we go to the swimming pool, where Anya's insecurities come to the surface yet again....
Anya's obsession with breastsCollapse )

We then get to briefly see Makie's gymnastics tourament. She sure is cute...

The fifth story is all about Mana. In a previous chapter, we'd seen her trying to get a child's ticket to the cinema but being rejected for looking too old and not carrying student id. This time she's used an expensive age-changing pill to make herself look younger, but clearly not done the maths properly... Silly Mana.

Finally, we go to the Yukihiro private airfield, where Ayaka shows off her custom decorated jet....
Ayaka's private planeCollapse )

Anyone else get the feeling the Ken Akamatsu really enjoyed Negima!?..? Also, Yuna showed a little hint of her Negima!? personality: "So this is a personal jet fighter!?"

There won't be a new chapter next week, but the week after that they'll be arriving at Heathrow! I wonder if I could go and meet them off the plane..? :3

*I wonder if they bumped into Konata and the Lucky Star gang at Comiket?
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