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Cosmic Flame
29 June 2007 @ 02:43 am
There's a poisonous mushroom called the Destroying Angel. Somehow this is awesome.
Cosmic Flame
*sighs* Ok, this is going to be an emo entry of the kind that I personally hate. It refects my current feelings, which are of course liable to change at any moment.

How Holly Broke My HeartCollapse )
Options...What should I do now?Collapse )
What I'll probably doCollapse )
A message to my truest friendsCollapse )
An Open Letter To ElleCollapse )

Time to go watch some anime or something, I guess. Moral of the story for the "tl;dr" crowd is this: 1) A problem shared is a problem halved, 2) Lying to avoid hurting someone is futile - it will only hurt everyone in the end, and will hurt more than it would have done - AKA Honesty is the Best Policy, 3) I am probably the nicest person that any of you will ever meet ;), 4) Girls :/

Good night.
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I'm Feeling: depressedheartbroken
I've Been Listening To: Train - Drops of Jupiter