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Cosmic Flame
So. I've been busy lately. The exams ended, I got a new job, I imported a lot of stuff from Japan...

But that's not important right now.
Firstly, as it's nearly the end of the year, everything's winding down in the house. Anna has left [:(] for good. Amy's gone home for the weekend, and clearly started moving out properly, judging from just how much stuff she's taken home. Helen's staying until the end of term at the latest and plans to take stuff home this weekend. Holly's staying until the end due to work, but is at home at the moment due to her Dad being taken to hospital. And Elle? Well, she's gone hikikomori recently - I think I've seen her twice since Sunday evening when Holly left? Not sure really - she's just being a bit antisocial with her PS2, really. Doesn't bother me - I've still got Helen for company, and she's good at that :)

As for my plans, there is still some confusion. I've got a part-time job with Thinking SAFE, a company based on campus. If they want me all summer, and can offer a guarantee of enough hours to cover my rent and food, then I'll be looking for accomodation in the private sector for next year. To be specific, I might be moving in with Ed. Only thing is "the room is _very small_. Its literally about the twice the width of the bed and a meter or so at the end!" But, if thats all I can get, and with people I know as well, then I'll go for it. Assuming that I can't work from home using VNC over SSH, which would be the best case possible! Work from home in Lynn, no need to pay for food or rent, no need to walk up the hill! Perfection :D

Well. I can hope, can't I? :)

Let's talk anime.

I've been busy recently. I've been following Lucky Star and Lovely Complex pretty much since they started, but, thanks to Tak, I now have a few new series to follow!

First up - Hayate no Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler).
I got through all the currently released episodes in about 2 days, I think it was. This show is brilliant! I just wish that the fansubbers were a little faster... I want to see more!

Next was Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha). I got through the entire first season in two days with this one. I loved it all the way :) Despite being a magical girl anime, it was way better than I expected. It was really quite dark in places.. Oh, and the title character is only 9, but is still showing lesbian tendancies to the max! Yeah! I loved it and want the next season to download faster, please!

Finally, I just started watching Nagasarete Airantou (Cast Away Airan Island) today. If Tak had made me look at the list of voice actors a little sooner, then I would have put it higher on my priorities - it features Yui Horie (Naru in Love Hina, Makie in Negima, Eri in School Rumble, Mizuho in Otoboku, Yasuna in Kashimashi, plus she sang Scramble for the School Rumble opening!). Yui Horie is clearly made of win <3
The drama CDs featured the voice of Konoka (from Negima) and Nanoha (from Nanoha, duh), but for some reason, as is often the case, the cast was changed for the anime. Oh well, at least I get Yui Horie :)

I also managed to struggle half-way through Gundam SEED, but it got too angsty to carry on with for the moment. Plus, too much recap and angst, not enough actual action or story. I'll resume that one later, once I've caught up with a few more must-sees.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say for now, so I shall leave you with that.

Good evening.
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