May 4th, 2007

Icy Background

Ultimate Fail

Great. Royal Holloway have decided to offer me a room next year in Kingswood II, Kingswood being my ultimate can't-think-of-anything-worse choice. With ensuite facilities and an Internet connection, it could be perfect, except for the fact that it's entirely catered. Plus, it's so off campus it isn't even funny.

Basically, it's the food that's the problem. With only a microwave, kettle and toaster, I would die within a fortnight. Yes, there's Kingwood Dining Hall. No, they don't seem to serve anything I like. I just checked out the next week's worth of menus, and found all of *two* meals that I could eat. There seems to be one vegetarian choice a day, and rarely anything nice.

I honestly don't know what to do know. Crying isn't really going to help much, is it?

a) Accept offer and have a rather miserable final year.
b) Reject offer and pray that something else comes along, after all the second years and insurance candidates have been allocated rooms. Sleep on either Ed or Philippa's floor for the first few weeks of term, if needs be.
c) Try to interest some of my friends who live with their parents into getting a house somewhere, even this late in the year. Ha! Fat chance of that working.
d) Try to find a housegroup who are looking for one more person. Pray that they don't smoke or drink. Possibly have a year that beats this one for suckyness and misery.
e) Start desperately scrabbling around for a year out job - even a company in King's Lynn would do!? This would involve all of my coursemates graduating before I got back, and me spending my final year with Alex, Keir, Mark and co. Not so bad, perhaps, but I would miss my friends.

Can anyone think of any other options..?

Right. I'm going to go and wash up, then cook something nice. After all, I might not be able to cook after a few more months - I should make the most of what I currently have.