April 23rd, 2007


I ring my bell, Smile at him, Then knock over his rubbish bin...

I really do despise revision! I don't seem to work well unless I'm under pressure or doing something I'm actually really interested in. Turns out that I'm not all that interested in revising >_<

However, I have come up with a cool idea. How about making a bishoujo game? I admit, I have been watching too much of Welcome to the N.H.K! recently, especially today. But, even so, wouldn't it be cool to write a bishoujo game, or galgame, and sell it to anime fans? And it doesn't even have to be all about girls, of course. I know several slash fans, and I'm sure that at least one or two of them would be interested in contributing to something like this over the summer.

So. What exactly would it take?

  • Programming

    • The game engine itself

    • The script/scenario editor, so that the writers could work seperately from the programmer

  • Art

    • Background Art

    • Character Art

  • Writing

    • A plot!

    • A script

    • Individual scenes/dialoge

Obviously, I'll be doing the programming. That one was a given, no?

Artists, artists...good job I know a few of these, right? To name a handful that come straight to mind, Claire, Holly and Rachel. Claire doesn't really do manga (though as anyone who's seen the pictures in my room in Egham can attest, she's damn good at it when she does!), but Holly and Rachel both do manga as their primary style. I shall have to sound them both out ^^.

Writing. Now then, let's see....do I know any fanfic writers? =) OF COURSE I DO! Claire, obviously, will contribute 'cos I'll make her. I've a feeling that Rachel writes as well. And Katie, don't you write fanfic too? Or at any rate, you do fandom roleplaying, for want of a better name. Would you be interested? Oh, and Anna also does fanfic. Sorted ^_^.

How would it work? Well, I plan to write a game framework regardless of whether I get any other people to participate or not ^^. With the game framework and editor written, the programming side of things would be mostly done.... Obviously the plot aspect would have to be decided as a group, but then we could split up to work mostly seperately. I mean, the artist(s) could go away and produce the backgrounds and character pictures without needing the script writer(s) to be present.

Ideas for games:

  • Harry Potter
    • Yeah, I'm not kidding. There are enough HP slashers out there, I bet some of them would buy an HP dating sim ^^.
    • People I know who could help:
      • Katie

      • Anna

  • Original anime/manga game
    • Just something original, not a doujin.

    • Problem: Wouldn't sell too well at first :(

    • Useful people: Everyone! The entire Anime soc, if needed ^^

  • A doujin game
    • Probably the best bet. Just have to pick a hot property!

    • Again, everyone would be able to help.

    • Minus side: People usually expect some smut. I don't think I know anyone who'd be willing to draw those sort of scenes o.0

  • So. I think it's a good plan. So I'll carry on experimenting with the programming side of things until I have the chance to contront the anime gang about it. If I could get a script editor writen before the summer, then anyone who was interested could work on scripting while I finished the actual game engine ^^.

    Now I have a summer plan :)

    Will type more later. Comment if you're interested.