February 7th, 2007


And then for a moment....

See this little button thing? See where it says "Valentines "? See where it says "1"? I now can't wait until Valentine's Day, even though I'm pretty sure that it's not from the one that I love... I am somewhat perplexed as to who it could be, though... Oh well, 1 week left to go!

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I guess I should talk about other stuff now. The Group Project goes well. We got a C for Deliverable 1 (highest anyone got was C+) and our user interface (my section, my design) was apparently the best that they'd had in. Whoo! I'm working on the prototyping phase at the moment, since I'm kinda bored most evenings. I've learnt a lot about the javax.Swing toolkit - you can do so many funky things! Menus are easy but time consuming, dialog boxes are easy but time consuming, again, and JInternalFrames simply look gorgeous! If there any programmers out there (Emma...) then please, try creating a JInternalFrame within a JFrame. You will like it :)

What else have I been up to recently? Well, guitar and bass feature, as usual. I hooked up my bass amp to my effects pedal along with my guitar amp, simply for the hell of it. It sounded naff while I was playing bass, but it made my guitar take on a gorgeous tone. I love it! However, I keep being busy until late at night, when it's a bit late to play guitar with my amps on...

Today I have an 11 o'clock start. My lectures finish at 1, then I'm going over to Manga Drawing to pick up a poster, assuming that Katie gets there early. From 2 until 4 I'm assisting with a Computer Centre course on CSS, then from 4 'til 5.30 I'm with Derek in the admin training room, helping him with his Powerpoint skills. I also really need to scrape up a couple more hours of marking soon, as I need to hand my timesheet in... I've nearly clocked up 10 hours, but I want more! Mwahahahaa.... Um, really, I just want the money. I need to upgrade my laptop's RAM, and that's starting to take priority for me. Eclipse is rather memory hungry, as is a browser full of tabs... Both at the same time is nasty, and that's before I put some music on! Gah, I want music to program to! :(

Well, I've finished my coffee, so I guess it's time for me to go and make my sandwiches... I'd eat out if I had any money left, but I'm broke until Derek pays me, so if I don't make sandwiches, I'll stave.

Actually, I think I'll check my e-mails first...

Good morning.