February 2nd, 2007


Say, when they're in love, does everyone get this lonely?

The lyrics to the opening theme of Escaflowne are really beautiful. I actually read them properly at anime tonight, and they really struck home.

On sleep. Recently I haven't slept all that well. I've also noticed that my sleeping patterns have changed, somewhat. Back at home, I always used to sleep on my side cuddling up to Bold, my toy fox. At some point, I started bunching up my duvet to make a person-like bundle to cuddle. In my first year at Uni I stopped doing that, mostly because Brunel gave out tiny duvets :( I also swapped from sleeping on my right side, facing the wall, to sleeping on my left side, facing the room. When I moved into the House here, I started sleeping on my back. Because my bed is a double, I can spread out rather nicely. I would just sprawl there on my back, head tilted to the left (facing the room), Bold to one side. Recently, though, I've started doing all sorts of things: sleeping on my side, cuddling up to a bundle of duvet, sleeping on my front... Not a clue what's going on there. Maybe I should just go to bed and see? I've a feeling that I'll be on my side cuddling the duvet again tonight - I really need a hug right now, but there's no particular reason. I just sometimes crave human contact, human warmth...

Funny thing happened today. I was in the IT Training Office doing some coursework marking, and this girl came in to talk to Chris about taking some courses. Eventually, Chris left the room to get something for her, and she started talking to me. Something about her accent had been nagging at me while she'd been talking, so I asked her if she was a foreign student. She answered yes, and I was like "Your German, right? And more than that, you're from the Hamburg area." And you know what? I was dead right ^^.

I did three hours of marking today. That takes my timesheet up to 7.5 hours, or £46.50. I've got another 2 hours on Wednesday, and I plan to do a fair bit more marking before the timesheets are due in for this month, so I hope to get about £70 at the end of Febuary if I can. That would be lovely :) I want to spend it, but I also want to save it. It's not fair!!! Seriously, though, I'm enjoying my job with the IT Training Dept. more than I'm enjoying my degree somedays. I always knew that getting paid was the only motivation that I needed to work hard!

I think it's time that I went to bed. I'll leave you with another line from the Escaflowne opening theme:

I believe in you even on the coldest night.