January 31st, 2007

Icy Background

"I think it proves you're all daft!"

I just discovered that I've been sulking all evening, apparently. Well. News to me. I thought I was cooking, eating, washing up, playing guitar, working on some songs, phoning Mum, waiting for an e-mail that never came, finding that website that I lost the link to, learning to play On The Silent Wings of Freedom and Does It Really Happen? on my bass, playing my guitar again and reading The Founder. So. Not sulking at all. I honestly think that you're all as daft as sock puppets! I mean, sure, I drop in on people a lot, but people drop in on me a lot too. If I haven't been to see you and you want my company, then I'm only upstairs/in the room next door! As it was, I spent most of the evening playing guitar, but I could just as well have been working on prototyping the GUI for my group project. Yes, I do work occasionally. When I program, I tend to get in the zone and stay in it for as many hours as it take to finish the job. I'll have water and chocolate with me, and the furthest I'll go'll be the bathroom. When it comes to the coding stage of my project, I'm going to be very busy. Especially with all the extra Computer Centre work I've taken on. I hope by that point my silly housemates will have learnt to ask why they haven't seen me instead of sulking back at me - here's a clue, if I'm busy working on my own (or playing guitar alone), then I'm not going to notice you sulking back at me unless you make it very clear, like by telling me that you're annoyed/hurt at the fact that I'm BUSY!!! Honestly. Twits, the lot of you.

Rant over. Feel free to find/replace "you" with "my housemates".