January 28th, 2007


Smile again

Uni's good for me. Through a mix of not eating as richly as I do at home and getting plenty of exercise, I lose quite a bit of weight. I've only been here two weeks and I've already noticed the difference. Perhaps it's a pychological thing? I just feel happier with my body right now. I'm going to strive to eat better this term, and I've already made a good start - I only had one pizza last week, instead of one every day! I've got a packet of pasta and some nice cheese sauce mixes, I've got eggs to make omlettes and I'm making sandwiches to eat at Uni every day instead of buying potato wedges... Basically, I'm making a good start! I'll lose quite a bit more weight this term, but I'll probably put quite a bit back on during the exam term... During my year out, though, assuming I get the placement at Jagex, I get free gym membership! I've always wanted to join a gym :) :) Finally, I'll be able to have a body to match my beautiful face :D Yes, I'm vain, but dammit, I'm fed up of being overweight.


Good night.