January 26th, 2007


It doesn't really matter where you are~

I saw a fluffy bunny on campus today handing out copies of The Orbital. The only think I could think was "Gosh, but they're desperate." The Founder, a newly started weekly campus newspaper, is far superior to The Orbital in my opinion. Oh, and also the opinion of practically everyone I've asked. Mark prefers websites, apparently. Elle obviously prefers The Orbital, as she's the travel editor...

News item number two. I've slept about 12 hours in the last three days. As in about four hours a night. Obviously, this isn't good... I've finished my lectures for the day, but I can't go home and sleep just yet, due to news item number three:

The Computer Centre want me to do some more work! Yay! I've been asked to assist with IT coursework marking..! They run multiple IT courses during term time, and to get a certificate for the course, you have to hand in a bit of coursework showing off the skills that you learnt. I'm going to be given some training this afternoon, and then I'll be able to get stuck straight in. Apparently it'll be about 2 to 5 hours a week, with the hours decreasing as I get quicker at it. I'm paid per hour, not per item marked, unfortunately. Also, I don't get the tutor rate of £10.20 an hour, just the assistant rate of £6.20 an hour. But then again, I have arranged my finanaces so I don't need a job anyway, so all this is just a bonus. The pay is monthly, so I'm probably looking at at least another £40 a month! Books, games, CDs, going out - all will be within my grasp once again! Or, more likely, some guitar supplies like a stand for my bass... Or maybe I'll be sensible and save up to upgrade Cat's RAM at long last.... We shall just have to wait and see :)

A really good thing happened recently. The landlord rang up and told us that we had to clean the communal areas of our house, as one of the estate agents had said that groups were being put off. We had cleaned a bit, but the kitchen and living room in particular were, quite frankly, still health hazards. The kitchen only had one available surface for preparing food, and that was on top of the microwave. There were vast piles of unwashed, unrinsed plates, dishes and saucepans. The day of the big clean started with me hardly being able to get the kettle under the tap due to a pile of dirty stuff in the sink. I hated it. Seriously, it just wasn't nice to live in. The living room wasn't much better either. There were a lot of clumps of hair on the floor, and tons of empty drinks bottles all over the place. Same in the kitchen, admittedly, but at least they weren't hidden like in the living room - I found an empty Tizer (sp?) bottle behind the sofa. Just when I thought that I'd taken out all of the trash, we discovered a vast cache of J2O bottles and the like on the windowsill. Oh, and I forget - we had to clean the bathrooms as well. THANK GOODNESS! They were simply disgusting. Amy worked wonders on the upstairs bathroom, and even got rid of the weird blue stains on the side...

Now, you may be wondering why, if I was so appalled at the state of the house, I didn't do it myself. Well, because very little of it was my mess, especially in the kitchen and living room. I really don't see why people can't just throw away their rubbish instead of just leaving it sitting around. And rinsing dirty plates etc? It's really not hard! Even if you don't want to wash up immediately, it just makes it easier for when you do. It's not rocket science.

Much kudos to Holly, who cleaned the downstairs bathroom even though she was in a bad mood. Also, when I went in to hoover up the dust that she'd kicked up, she started cleaning the door completely unprompted, despite the bad mood. Also a big smile for Amy's work on the bathroom, which shines, and Anna and Helen's 2 hour washing up session. Now just to see if we can keep it as lovely as it is now!

Gotta go now, as Sian should be in the office by now, so I can get my training done. I even get paid for the training! o.0 Stuff like this really makes me think that you make your own luck :D

Good afternoon.