January 8th, 2007


Ehh?? Suka?

Today, I found a nice new torrent, courtesy of those nice people at Nipponsei. Negima?! Uta no CD 1. Despite my hopes of it being the first OST for the new series, it turned out to be a character song album. I had a flick through, but somehow missed all the best ones. I almost turned it off deciding that it was naff, but I played Eva's song instead. Damn awesome! And The Walking Club (Kaede and the twins) have an awesomely quaint little song which really is incredibly squee. The Chupa Team sing about Asuna's favorite topic, the Chupacabra, and Negi sings a nice little song about Pactio Cards, which is where the title of this post comes from. In honour of the awesome nature of Suka Cards, I've changed my desktop background to a picture of Nodoka's Suka outfit. Holly will understand, the rest of you probably won't. Unless you've started watching Negima!? since we last spoke, and I really hope you have, 'cos that'd be awesome. Spread the love!

I seem to be typing rubbish tonight, but I think that I have a very good excuse today. I was woken up early and sent off to Cambridge to carry stuff for Claire, who moved back into her flat today after a week's holiday. Yuck, having to walk up the stairs to floor 14 wasn't nice - damnable lifts, why did they break?! It's gonna be weird without her here, but I plan on getting a lot done in my free time. C++, Java, money stuff, tidying, seeing Matthew (an old friend), maybe starting work on the Airfix Lancaster I got for my birthday, and, of course, day-tripping to Egham on Thursday to take some stuff back to the house. Consider this advance warning if I haven't told you already. I'm gonna be taking my 5.1 surround sound speakers, my 10W guitar amp, my Zoom guitar pedal, I dunno, a bunch of clothes and DVDs? Oh, and maybe my guitar stand. On Saturday, when I move back in, I'll be taking Cat and The Doctor (my guitar, really called Doctor Freud), my Evangelion box set, maybe some MacGyver if Mum'll let me...whatever remains, really. Don't wanna take too much, as I've got a lot down there already, and I'll only accumalate more... This next term should see me buying a Cruiser Jazz Bass, with the optional guitar stand and bass amp being purchased if and when I earn the money. With any luck, the Computer Centre will throw a few more hours my way, preferably teaching ones, as they pay £10.20 an hour... I'll be continuing my tutoring with Derek, and hopefully teaching his wife how to use a computer as well. I say hopefully because, and I know that this is shallow of me, but, more hours equals more money equals more things! Seriously, a nice bass amp would be greatly appreaciated, but a stand for it would be more useful, I sense... Oh, and I should really stop calling my bass "it", 'cos she's already got a name, even though I don't own her yet. My bass guitar is going to be called The Lady, or Lady Luck in the longer form.

When I get another guitar, which'll be either a classical like Claire's, a proper acoustic or a Telecaster (mmm, I want a nice Tele...), it's name's going to be The Nurse. If you've figured out the trend then you get major, major bonus points. And I'll even give you a hint, the bass was meant to be the last one that I bought. Do you know the The Lady's true name?

Oh, I should really stop talking about her like I own her already, 'cos I don't, and they could sell her before my loan's in. I think I might well be inconsolable if that happened ~~~