November 19th, 2006


Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells...

Ok, I am totally digging the new studio! We had a little play around with it last night, and tonight, after Claire had gone to bed, I set it up with one of our keyboards to have some fun. I did a nice little 40-second or so arrangement of the Carol of the Bells, and then stumbled across a nice chord sequence. Seriously, I think that I compose far better music when I'm sitting at a keyboard than when I'm holding a guitar. Anyway, I then proceeded to record said chords, add a baseline, add a weird lead line, and finally add some weird vocals. Weird as in 1) distorted, and 2) whispered. I think that my new song rocks ^_^. I think that it might be called "Hear Me", but I'll need to play it to Claire first.

Gosh, I love music =^_^=