July 25th, 2006


It takes some patience and a lot of sacrifice/helping a lunatic get through her life

So. Yeah. It's been a while since I last updated, no?

I came back from Egham about a week ago, I guess. Very little is getting done in the house now, I've heard ;) The phone line is now connected, but the broadband is delayed thanks to the previous residents not cancelling soon enough.... Gah!

We had rain a few days ago. It had been a really hot and sticky day, and I was snapping at everyone, but finally relief came in the form of a thunder storm. Can you guess what I did? Yeah, I went out in it ^_^. I sheltered under one of the trees in our garden and watched the rain. To be honest, I felt like it had shaved 8 years off my life. I've always loved rain. I wish it was autumn or winter, then we could have lots of rain. Plus, I could wear some of my nice jumpers and sweatshirts and snuggle up with a good book. Cold is bliss.

Recently, I've been in more of a gaming mood than usual. I put this down to watching Holly and Elle play tons of Phantom Brave on the ps2 in Egham. Whatever the reason, I've been playing old games a fair bit. Anyone remember Episode 1 Racer? It was a Star Wars podracing game that a friend of mine owned and lent to me. I hadn't played it for ages, but my skills haven't tarnished :) Max Payne? Again, one of Matthew's games that I loved ^_^. Can't wait to play that again....bullet time!!! *dives slowly across the screen* Bang!

Oh! Oh oh oh! I nearly forgot to mention something! Do any of you know about the Star Wars radio dramas? My local library used to have one of two of the tapes in stock, and I would borrow them and listen them to death not so many years ago. Well, I've been getting hold of the entire series recently, and it was amazing to hear the first episode again. The narrator is perfect, and quite a few of the original cast memebers are present as well :D

Final thing I want to mention? Claire took me out to see Pirates of the Carribean II on Sunday ^_^. I haven't seen the first one (yet), but that didn't matter. It was awesome! Seriously awesome.... Claire was a bit scared though...

And that's all for now.

Good afternoon!

I *love* BitTorrent...