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Cosmic Flame
01 July 2006 @ 02:08 am
Ok, so I totally loved the pirate one! I had to find some more....

So, we have:

What sexual things do your friends think about you?Collapse )
*laughs* I found that one rather amusing ;)

How should your friends comment in this entry?Collapse )
Obey the rules, people!
That said, other comments are welcome as well ;)

Your Livejournal zombie attackCollapse )
Because nothing says love like zombies.

My bid for world dominationCollapse )

The DIRTY thoughts of your LJ friendsCollapse )
Quite disturbing, but rather flattering...

Your excellent LJ evil minionsCollapse )
I'm beginning to regret friending Frank...

If LiveJournal were an anime...Collapse )
Tim....*shakes head in disbelief...*

LJ is a place of lust and depravityCollapse )
It seemed to know about Viv....
I'm beginning to regret friending iharthdarth though...

Your anime convention drama (starring your LJ friends!)Collapse )
It seemed to know about Amy... ;)

How kinky are you?Collapse )
I'm glad that I live beyond 20, seeing as I'm already 19...

Your drunken LJ sleepoverCollapse )
Somehow it would be Claire filming it... ;)

Now it's your turn ;)
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Cosmic Flame
01 July 2006 @ 02:41 am
The previous post was too large, so here we have the overspill ;)

Your LJ war, who will win?Collapse )
*Bad* Holly ;)

Your LJ friends' deep, dark secretsCollapse )
Exposed to the world, now. Who'd have guessed about Viv, though?

The big Livejournal fightCollapse )
Careful with that chainsaw, Helen...

Your LiveJournal soulmateCollapse )

Sexual FantasiesCollapse )
A real eye opener.. 0.0

The Fall of the LJ JediCollapse )
Well, I guess it's good that Helen died so quickly, right?

What dirty little secrets do your LJ friends have?Collapse )
Gosh, Amy...

What are your LJ friends thinking about right now?Collapse )

Your Wacky Valentine's Day AdventureCollapse )
Well, maybe next year... Y'know what? I've never recieved a Valentine's Day card ever. Maybe next year'll be different? Heh. Unlikely.

My 70's Action MovieCollapse )
Yes, I *like* this one ^_^.

And that, I think, is an excellent place to leave it for tonight.
I did try lots of sex ones, but they all came up with answers that were a bit too wrong... For who my next sex would be with, it was consistantly either goodsarah or mako_energy. Also, my sister moorglade came up with disturbing regularity. So I left those ones out ;)

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