June 22nd, 2006


Everywhere I go I see your face through the crowd

S'weird. I keep seeing people who shouldn't be here. And aren't. Y'know how you look ahead at the people in the street to see if you recognise anyone? Well, I keep seeing RHULians. In my hometown.

Of course, non of them have actually turned out to be who I thought they were, which was a shame, really...

Job hunting sucks. I don't want a job, I just want the money. I'd much rather stay at home and study XHTML and CSS for web design, work on my Java programming and read such interesting books as The Pleasures of Counting. And I wouldn't mind re-reading Gödel, Escher, Bach, which, despite being rather heavy reading, is very relevent to some of the courses that I took this year. The Art of Deception looks good too, and one of our lecturers recommended The Emperor's New Mind to us a while ago. Couldn't hurt, right? But can I do all this? Well, I need the money somewhat more.... If nothing comes up in KL, then I'll be searching in Egham after my house contract starts. That wouldn't be too bad, but I'd miss my sister... On the plus side, my old best friend from school would be only 40 minutes away! He came over today for an hour or two, since his Dad was in town visiting friends. He's one of the few male friends that I'm really close to, and I don't want to lose him - this was the first time that we've talked for about a year :( But hey! It was fun ^_^

Doesn't help with the jobs though...I wish I knew if there was lots going in Egham at the moment in shops and stuff (*unsubtle hint to anyone still there...*).

I have to go check two Tesco stores for jobs tomorrow....*sighs* They won't have any, I bet.


Oops, I really must stop loosing interest in my journal entry and going over to Wikipedia or Slashdot for half an hour or so, leaving my entry mid-thread.

Oh well.

Goodnight, everyone.