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Cosmic Flame
I've been really depressed today. I woke up from a nightmare at just after half eight in the morning, then went back to sleep until 1. Revision hasn't been too good, and I've just been lacking energy to do anything. I haven't quite lost the will to eat, but I've certainly lost the will to take care of myself properly. I just don't know what to believe anymore.... I want to be happy, and I certainly could be, but there's one little thing missing. It wouldn't be right to talk about it here, though, as I would certainly upset the person who it's about. Since I can't talk about my feelings on LiveJournal anymore, I have nowhere to turn to right now. So I must keep it all inside me somehow until Tuesday, when all will be revealed.

How did it all go so wrong?
It was meant to be good...

"Isn't this where...."
Current Location: Inside the wall
I'm Feeling: depressedsad and confused
I've Been Listening To: none