May 10th, 2006


And the wind is cryin', From a love that won't grow cold

Exams don't exist. Has anyone else noticed this? You spend ages preparing for one. You go into the exam hall. Stuff happens. You come out again. Before long, the fact that you had an exam is pretty much erased from your memory.

That said...I'm like this for most things. Somehow I can move from one frame of life to another without even a blink of an eye. Coming back after Easter took one evening to re-adjust. Now Easter is a closed book to me. Sure, it happened, but I don't really remember all that much of it actually happening... Last term is the same. Lots happened, but now it is all sealed away in my memory. Are the people in my life now the same people who I knew last term? I don't know. Some have changed, some may think that they haven't, but they all seem new again. I dunno, it's all very weird, and I'm not sure that I'm really making sense... But I sure am looking forward to the end of the exams, no screw that. I'm looking forward to the end of the non-stop days of revision, that's what I'm looking forward to! That's what I hate the most! The exams are just little blips between cramming and having an evening off - blips that I don't even remember afterwards!


I found a rather nice place on the grounds of Brunel. A lovely spot, perfect for just lying back and watching the clouds drift overhead while enjoying the sunshine... However, I'm keeping this one secret. Sorry, but I want to share this one with my precious and muchly loved Vivien first, thanks.

Kasimasi is brilliant. Why didn't you force it on me earlier, Holly&Elle? You should have just said that it's a really sweet romance with some lesbians aliens in it, you know that I'd have rushed home to watch it! The only thing that annoys me (and I'm sure that it annoys you two as well) is how slowly it's being subbed...grrr... At least it's just slow, and not stopped altogether, like Stratos 4, a series which I heart most muchly. The first series? Subbed completely! The OVAs? Same! Stratos 4 Advance, the "sequel", which is really just continuing the plot? Stopped after 2/6 episodes, and not licensed over here! *cries*

Just like Negima, only without the missing episodes available in shockingly low quality :S

Led Zeppelin are really quite good, aren't they? Yes, a lot of their early stuff is naff, but later on (I'm thinking Physical Graffiti), they got rather proggish. Blues-prog, I guess. I <3 The Rover especially, along with Kashmir and, duh, Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin IV). Today's title is from The Rover. There's a Jethro Tull song called Rover that I rather like, as well. Haven't listened to much Tull for ages *sigh*. Same with Yes. Bit too distracting to be surrounded by a gorgeous aural soundscape filled with heavenly vocals when you're trying to commit to memory what, say, a 5 layer OSI protocol stack does, and why you should really care. I mean, this is really rather academic. If I ever needed to know any of the stuff that I've been taught so far, I would just look it up! Seriously, has nobody learnt anything from what Richard Feynman had to say about looking things up when you need them? Sheesh! The things we are expected to remember -.- A better test would be to give us a load of documentation and relevant (and irrelevant) RFCs, which define the protocols that the Internet runs on, and then give us three hours to use them to answer obsure questions and model a client/server message exchange for a certain operation. Interesting stuff! Why doesn't Computer Science have practicals?

Just to go back to the title of today's post, I was considering either "Please play with me, love" or "Everybody, pleased to meet you", both of which are lines from the Kasimasi opening theme. My titles are always relevent to my mood, and how I really feel, as opposed to what I might be writing. This is for when I'm depressed ;)

And on that note, I think it's time to go and wash my saucepan (*sigh*) and "make" some spaghetti (well, heat it up). Tea time, yay! And then some Guild Wars, I think :)
Just a shame that I still have three exams to go...

Well, good night.

Edit: Forgot to ask, but who's actually going to anime tomorrow? Amy and Viv are going to the pub with the IFIS crowd, Elle's posted saying that she'll be working so...just me and Holly? Well, I guess it'll be less lonely... Even so, it's not much fun without Viv there, it really isn't... :(