April 9th, 2006



It's been a busy couple of days, coming right at the end of a perfect week.

Since last Saturday, Viv has been staying with me. She's introduced me to all sorts of new things, the major successes being oranges, scrambled eggs on toast with fried cherry tomatoes and, finally, spaghetti with tomato sauce. It's been just simply wonderful this week - I love her so much :)

She flew home on Friday, though. The first part of the day is described in her(alatier's) entry about it. I went down to the station with her, and we had about a half hour wait for the train. The time went far to quickly. The train arrived and I helped her onto it. As it pulled out, taking my precious love away from me, I felt like ... (I don't know how to finish this sentence)

When I got home, I curled up in bed and went to sleep, wishing that she was with me.

I spent the evening watching School Rumble, packing and talking to Viv online. I ended up getting to bed at 5:20 am. Latest. Bedtime. Evar.

Saturday (i.e. yesterday/today) I went home. I met Mum at the station a bit after 12:00, then we walked back to Brunel and finished my packing. I cooked us dinner and we had ice cream for pudding. The journey home was pretty uneventful.

So I'm back. I wish that Viv was with me, though...life is so much more fun and colourful when she's around...I truly love her and miss her...

Good night.