April 3rd, 2006



I introduced Viv to The Sims today... I think she's hooked now... She played it from about 9:30 pm to 2 am (i.e. just a few minutes ago), pausing only for about 20 mins to eat (free pizza! Yay!). Heh heh...reminds me of when me and Claire first got The Sims. I actually wanted to buy Airfix Dogfighter but EB didn't have it in stock, so I went with The Sims. The next weekend, I went back and bought Livin' It Up, the first add-on pack.

In other news: Mai-Otome ep 25 is now out! It's downloading pathetically slowly, so I'll have to finish it tomorrow. I'll upload as soon as I have it for Elle and Holly to download and watch at their pleasure ^_^. Ep 26 looks like it'll take a few more days... *sighs* What's the point in showing a 1 hour special finale to a series in Japan, but forcing us to watch it in two episodes like normal? Heh...Doremi are doing a damn good job anyway, so I shouldn't complain ;)

Bed time, I think...