March 28th, 2006


Long, long, long...

So finally, my Java coursework is done.

My concerts are over (we rocked!)

Half of my lectures have finished for this term.

The end is nigh.

I have to go into town, but it's raining a bit at the moment. I can wait.
Both Viv and Nick are ill at the moment, so I was looking after them yesterday. I also helped Seb finish his Java, spent some time with Elle and Holly and showed up late to a mid-term test (damn buses!). Haven't seen Amy for ages, though...

I can't wait to go home after shopping. Last night I got back at 1:00 am and read for a bit before falling asleep. I never want to be woken by my alarm and find myself fully dressed ever again. It's really not nice, and it happens far too often.

I'm going to read webcomics now, then get some potato wedges from TW20s and go shopping.

Then home and rest :)

Good day.