February 13th, 2006


If everybody had an ocean...

ZOMG! I wrote a Web Server!

Let me rewind a little bit...

Our lab exercise for CS1511 currently involves building a simple web server using Java. It only needs to serve HTML documents, which is quite easy, and I just finished doing it. And all in a neat 78 lines. I am rather proud of myself now, as you would expect ^^. If only I knew how to get it to serve images as well, then we'd be cooking with gas!

And things are looking up in other parts of my life as well, kinda...
Ellechan rang me up mid afternoon and told me that she thought I should come and live with the girls. Thank goodness for that! I asked Holly about it last night, and she was all for it, but we thought that Amy and possibly Elle might object. Amy didn't when I asked her last night, and, to be honest, I can't remember why we thought that Elle might object... Holly's asked Anna, and she's ok with it too! That just leaves Helen.

Yes, I really might be living in a house full of girls next year.

No, I don't object one bit.

And as for the other big worry that's been hanging over me...well, this year, Valentine's Day is postponed... Not cancelled, not, but postponed... The reasons are long and complicated, and I'm not sure that I could explain. But hey! There is a plus side! Viv is going to come over after work tomorrow, anyway, and we can watch Full Metal Alchemist without worrying about needing to do something more romantic.

Spring is coming. Little darlin', it's been a long cold lonely winter...

Little darlin' it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say,
it's all right...

Coursework, housing, love....it will all sort itself out, and then I can be happy again like I used to be before it all went wrong.