February 8th, 2006

Icy Background

Sometimes the ups/outnumber the downs....

Brownie points for anyone who knows the next line and where that's from ^_^

So...it's been a pretty odd week, really. I went home over the weekend, bought new clothes and a new watch...had the most hellish journey home to Egham! I ended up in Virginia Water -.- It was nice to be back, though... Both back home and back here, I mean. I really missed Viv, though :( But I got to see her when I got back, so it was ok.

Housing's dropped a bit of an angst-bomb, though... Elle, Holly, Helen and Anna want Amy to live with them, instead of living with Me, Viv and Nick. Poor old Amy's stuck in the middle, as she wants to live with all of us *huggles her*. I'm really worried about what she chooses to do, though... If she lives with us, then it should be ok... I'm pretty sure that Nick's ok with living as a four, but Viv might want some other people to live with us...I dunno. If she chooses to live with them, though, I think "screwed" doesn't quite describe the situation. Viv & Nick will say "Let's get Seb into the house, then." I really don't think that I could live with Seb at all, ever. Don't get me wrong, Seb's one of my best friends! But he's constantly late for lectures, misses deadlines, hardly ever works... I'm not going to let him distract me from doing well, no way. And I know that he would distract me if we lived together, as I'm rather easily distracted. The other people V&N might suggest are Luke and James. I've met both of them about three times in total. They seem nice people, yeah, but I don't know them. And I really wouldn't be very happy living in a house where the majority of people are male. I'm a rather emotional person, as you all might have noticed. I'm also shy, and I find it hard to tell people my true feelings, quite often. It takes quite a while for me to get to that stage of trust with someone, and I just find it easier to talk to girls. (Odd, that. A few years ago I was too shy to talk to girls at all.) And not just any girls, either. My three best friends in this world are, in order that I met them, Claire, my sister, Amy, my pretend sister and Viviane, my girlfriend. I love them all dearly, and I only wish that I could live with all three of them next year! But hey, I live with Claire (and my parents) over the holidays, so it's ok. I would really love to live with Viv & Amy next year, though. It's not that I don't want to live with Nick, but those two are my best friends here. Nick is one of my best friends, yes, but the two girls are something beyond just best friends. Girlfriend and pretend-adopted little sister, actually.

So now you see my point of view in all this. I know who I want to live with and who I don't want to live with. I don't want to end up living back in Brunel next year, but if things go that badly, I might just do that. I'd rather live alone than live with a stranger... I don't want to do either of those, but darnit....


It's a good job I have to go and sing, now, or else I might just start crying here in Tehlabsky... Only one other person here, but I ain't risking it!